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Painting and Textile Tours to India | Indian Romance
Painting and Textile Tours to India | Indian Romance  
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Indian Romance
Painting and Textile Tours to India.

  The Golden Thread

  Indian Romance - The Golden Thread

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The Golden Thread

The book is about the culture and textiles of Kutch and focuses on a group of village communities within Kutch, which was a former Kingdom and is now part of Gujarat. The Textile tour concentrates on this same area and the book shares the same name as the tour "THE GOLDEN THREAD".

My book looks at the villagers' daily round and at the culture and customs for which these wonderful embroideries were created. I have lived for long periods of time over the last four years in Dhordo village, the central village in Banni and the focus of this book.

For the last twenty two years I have taken Specialist Textile and Painting tours to India and each year I visit the village and the adjacent area. I have been witness to the changes, once subtle and slow but now rapidly accelerating, which are threatening the complete demise of this culture.

When I first visited the village there was no road to it. The road ended some 30 miles away. To reach DhoDordo, one had to traverse - preferably by jeep - a dun-coloured, featureless landscape. There was no telephone, no piped water, and no electricity. But it was sublime. The vividly and exotically dressed people, with their wonderful hospitality, are something I have never forgotten.

For the reader who sews, my book has drawings of motifs and working drawings of the stitches used in the Banni embroideries.

On the back of the book are printed some of the reviews for the book among are reviews by Rosemary Crills of the V&A, Josh Graham the well known Indian Textile and Tribal Art Collector, Prasard retired secretary of the State of Gujarat, and curators and editors.

Here is Rosemary Crills review :- Lorna Tresidders's paintings show us a unique view of Banni in Kutch and a way pf life that is rapidly disappearing. Her deep attachment to the area and its people over more than 40 years shines through this book, which is both a visual delight and a highly informative record of a place and its culture.

The top image shows the casement with its Ajarakh fabric bag and the bottom images show the flexible version with its end paper decoration and the back cover of both the books.

The price for the casement (which comes in a special block printed fabric in natural dyes called ajarakh, discussed and illustrated in the book) is £30.00 and the flexible book (which has very decorative flaps to the cover, one of which is illustrated below) offers movement and is great value at £18.00. For both books add £3.00 P&P.

It is a very beautiful book and makes a very lovely gift.

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  Indian Romance - The Golden Thread