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Booking Conditions

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Indian Romance Tours are only able to accept bookings subject to these conditions:


Signing the form

The person who signs the booking from must be over 18 years of age and guarantees that he/she is authorised to make the booking and accepts these conditions on behalf of everyone whose name is submitted with the booking form and that the accommodation and services provided will be used by all participants.


Medical treatment

If you are receiving or awaiting medical or surgical treatment or over 70 at the time of booking you must send with the booking form a certificate from the doctor or hospital stating that you will be fit to undertake the holiday. You must also supply such a certificate if you commence any treatment prior to departure.


Official booking form

I can only accept bookings on our official booking form together with a deposit of 25% per person plus the compulsory insurance premium. I reserve the right to refuse any bookings. No contract exists until I have accepted the booking in writing. The contract will then be subject to English Law.


Under 18

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them. A fitness certificate will be required for persons over 65.


Final invoice

9 weeks before departure I shall send a final invoice showing the balance to be paid including any changes in the holiday price (see paragraph 10). The balance must be paid 8 weeks before the departure of the tour. I may treat any failure to pay by this date as a cancellation of the booking (see paragraph 7 ).


Transfer booking

If you wish to transfer your booking to another holiday a transfer fee of £25 per booking will be made. If the transfer is made 8 weeks or less before the original departure date, it may be necessary to treat such a transfer as a cancellation of the original booking according to the conditions in paragraph 7.


Your cancellation

If you cancel your booking for any reason (or if I cancel it under paragraphs 5 or 6) you will be liable to pay the following cancellation charges, the cancellation date being the date notification is received by India Romance Tours. Period before Departure % of Final Holiday Price More than 2 months Deposit only 60 days 45% 42 days or less 100%


My cancellation

I reserve the right to cancel a tour if the minimum number of passengers is not reached. I also reserve the right to cancel any tour or booking because of events outside my control(eg, wars, strikes, force majeure) and I will then refund all money paid, less any surcharge made by airlines or agents



Passports/visas/vaccinations: All clients are responsible for ensuring that they have vaccinations to meet necessary health regulations and that they have a valid passport and . visas. I cannot be responsible for declined visas, and normal cancellation charges would be levied, should this occur.


Tour prices

Holiday prices are calculated on air fares and the rates of exchange on 1st January every year and include a reasonable allowance for inflation. I reserve the right to adjust the price, up or down, according to changes in my cost: this will be shown on the final invoice. Once the final invoice has been issued the holiday price is guaranteed.


Painting tutors

The Painting tutors should remain the same as given in the itinerary. However a tutor may have to cancel for personal reasons, also if the group numbers do not achieve 9 in number then whichever partner of Indian Romance is leading the tour will also Tutor the Tour.


Tour leader

Indian Romance reserves the right to change the tour Leader due to unforseen circumstances.



The arrangements for each tour are by their nature complex with services from different airlines hotels trains and transportation companies. Your will recognize, that, in comparison with more conventional locations, the destinations you chose (which may include very remote areas) may not achieve the level of sophistication that might not normally be expected. In some instances the hotels will be basic, and more appropriate to the local culture than foreign tourists. This is usually indicated in the itinerary. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made by to ensure that the appropriate standard of services is provided wherever possible, this cannot be quaranteed by Indian Romance. We reserve the right to change any flight or hotel listed on or before the tour without prior notice and even to change the itinerary itself. The final decision while on the tour rests with the tour leader with due regard to availability of accommodation transport and the prevailing situation. We cannot be held responsible for changes to hotels or to planned itineraries due to weather conditions, or any other difficulties that may arise.


Detrimental Behaviour

The tour leader has the authority to ask you to leave the tour without the right to any refund if in his or her opinion your behaviour is detrimental to the safety and welfare of the group.


Brochure/web site

The descritions, information and opinions given in this brochure by Indian Romance is given in good faith, based on the latest information that we have at the time of printing.


Acceptance of booking

Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise you come on a tour at your own risk, All arrangements are made subject to the conditions imposed by foreign governments, air, rail, coach, car hire, hotel, restaurant and other companies. I cannot accept liability for any fatal or other injury or illness caused by act or omission of any other person or company providing services for your holiday and which are not directly under my control. Nor can I accept any liability for any consequences of force majeure, weather, fire, civil or military disturbance, criminal activity, industry action, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, government intervention or act of god.



a) Arbitration: if you have a complaint please raise it with the tour leader who will do everything possible to correct the matter during your holiday. If you fail to do so, any compensation to which you may be entitled will be predudiced. If the matter cannot be resolved and you wish to make a formal complaint it should be done in writing within 21 days of the end of the tour. No refund will be made if a client does not complete the tour or for any unused services included in the holiday price. b) In the unlikely event that the disput cannot be settled amicably, then we will refer you to our liability insurers who will arbitrate.



These booking coditions are governed by English Law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The above conditions form a contracr between Indian Romance Tours and the person who signs the booking form.

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